Investor Services

We provide professional real estate and investment management services for Atlanta area investors.

Real Estate Investor Services Atlanta

We will assist you to locate and acquire investment property that match your investment criteria so that you can reach your minimum Cap Rate and ROI goals.

We work with both large institutional investment companies who buy large quantities of properties, as well as the individual investor looking to buy one investment property.

Cap Rate and Return on Investment (ROI)

We are agents who understand real estate as investment. When we understand your investment criteria, including your Cap Rate requirement and ROI goal, we will locate property that match your criteria.

Find Investment Property in Atlanta

We have helped out of state and foreign investors acquire property in the Atlanta area. We manage renovation projects for resale or buy and hold as rental property. Our property management services help provide a turn key solution for you to build your investment portfolio in the Atlanta area.

More Than Investor Friendly Agents in Atlanta

We are investors ourselves and understand how investors do real estate transactions. The services we provide for you as an investor are designed to help make you successful investing in the Atlanta real estate market.

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